Heavy Lift & Project Shipping

We are Able to accomplish single lifts of up to 1000 tons by use of floating cranes and we often work with heavy lift vessels geared up to 500 tons.

with professional slinging knowledge and care, we also ensure, by virtue of our experience in cargo and handling and stevedoring, that your products however large or small, will reach the end use in factory fresh condition.

Project shipping forms the bedrock of the company and is administered by some of the most experience people in this specialised field of the shipping industry.

Jamar specialises in the co-ordination and movement of large projects to all corners of the globe. Ranging from Zinc Smelting Plants in Hindustan, the delivery of large generating sets in Algerian desert, through to huge lines of paper processing machinery in Japan.

We can provide the complete door to door solutions.

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Founded in 1987, The Jamar Group based in Exeter has over 20 years experience in the Freight Forwarding trade, and provides all aspects of freight movements to clients throughout the world.